Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It may sound incredibly clique', but summertime is so restful isn't it? I am a girl who relies on a routine...who to be quite honest can become a servant to a routine, instead of using one to meet the needs of my family. There are days in the summertime when the care-free days overwhelm me a bit...I have a hard time focusing and remembering what I am 'supposed' to be doing for the day.

The season of summer is crazy for us, we get outside lots, but its hard to see people when there is no structure, because we don't know what we are doing from day to day,so we wing it. We eat light meals and drink lots of lemonade and we simply rest. And this rest is the gift of this season, I think. I don't know if I would take the time otherwise to just 'be' with my family (remember how I NEED a schedule?). To cuddle and hike and swim or sit around until lunch time in our pajamas is pretty incredible and really not in my nature. But its here...that free flowing summer feeling and attitude, right in my living room.

This picture is right along one of our favorite beaches...

I asked the kids today if there was anything they wanted to accomplish before summer is over and they gave me quite a list! We have done lots of these things already and there are a few we need to experience in the next week, but here is our summer hit list in case you need some inspiration before Labor Day.

Spend an afternoon at Rocky Reach Dam

Bike the Loop

Play on the Secret Beach

Dinner picnic in the park

Drive in the woods

Spend a day at Lake Wenatchee

Spend an afternoon hunting tracks in the Marshlands

Walk through the Barn Beach Reserve and then play at the beach

Fourth of July Relay Races (a tradition in my parents' backyard!)

Fireworks show at Riverfront Park

BBQ with Papa and Lala (thankfully this has happened nearly once a week this summer!)

A day at Slidewaters

Spending the entire day in our pajamas and watching movies or reading stories

Having a lemonade stand

Visiting the Farmers Market

Making homemade pizza with fresh veggies

Berry picking

cherry picking or picking them up at a roadside fruit stand

Visiting the Seattle Aquarium (we busted out for a season's pass to enjoy this one all year long!)


Visiting friends at Lake Chelan

Swimming at Grandma Lily's pool

Eating popcicles for breakfast

Making s'mores

Drinking lemonade on our deck while we watch the sunset (which in July was past 9:30!)

Buying fruit and getting huckleberry ice cream from Bountiful Fruit

Hiking the ridge behind our house to check out the massive ant hill at the top

Inviting friends to dinner

Watching a movie at the drive-in theatre

Free outside play for days on end

Eating corn on the cobb

Saturday breakfasts at Cafe' Mela

And for Josh and I, enjoying afternoon dates in the month of July when my parents were off work and helped watch the children...its amazing to go out to lunch as just the 'two' of us or shop in the mid-afternoon...just heaven.

Outdoor concerts downtown

The County Fair (we are deciding on our entries as to enjoy the free exhibitor passes!)

Vacation with our dear friends

Playing endlessly in the mud

Nothing at all.....


Laura said...

I think we can help with visiting Lake Wenatchee. But, I don't think I want to see that ant hill! Gross!

Delena said...

I love your list. I made a list at the start of the summer and we've done a bunch of nothing from it. However, my kids love to hang out here, so I suppose if they don't care, I shouldn't. I am taking them to Bountiful Fruit today for ice cream. They are gonna freak. Nice to see a post from you again. You really should at it to your TO DO list. ;0

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the whimscialness! These days are flying by us. You truly are a beautiful cornerstone in your homelife. Wish we could be guest in your home for corn on the cobb. Miss you today. Have a guest in town- will call soon.