Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lazy Days

These lazy days of summer are intoxicating. First and second breakfasts are a common love as we live like hobbits... after eating and eating while the air is cool we crawl into swim suits and slather on sunscreen ~ swimming is all that is on our agenda each day. And so we live, lazy and sundrenched and wet; enjoying one another and enjoying the outdoors. The laughter filling us has been full and hearty and contagious.
Until today, I haven't had much motivation to write, I haven't been in a blogging kind of mood. I have been overwhelmed and ill with pneumonia. It seems like such a strange thing to have such a serious illness in the summer time, its all been a little surreal. The heat of these days and their lazy moments have grown wider and lasted beyond their appointed time. But the laughter of my little ones and the eating and the sun have been an oil of blessing and healing. Their joy has been so hearty even with a mama who is only able to look on and not take part in their play. The laughter of my parents caring for them in my place has filled my heart too. I am seeing up close the beauty these lazy days offer us. The beauty of living without a routine, of loving others as the only box to check on the to-do list; the lovely gift I have been given to stop and be still and watch and soak up these people around me. This immobility has rendered me useless and unable to complete my daily tasks. And in this time, I see that it is not at all about what I do, and only about who I am and who they are ~ these loves, these small ones and those that stand in the gap and love and train and teach them when I am so weak. These lazy days are full of such learning! And so we rest and we learn.