Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blessings, Gifts and Provisions

Well over a month ago, I wrote about blessing my husband and you know what? I did. I blessed him with my time. I have been a horrid blogger, but I committed to giving Josh my early mornings and my late nights for dates and whatever he wanted....I actually presented him with a fun blank calendar for his birthday and told him it was his to fill in as he liked. It has been awesome. We have been waking early for coffee (not too often since I hate morning), watching movies, just talking, eating yummy grown up dinners after the kids are in bed...you get the picture. Its been bliss.

There have been a few days here and there when I have wanted to blog or felt guilty that I haven't visited here, but if I'm really honest about it I really don't feel all that bad. And in all this time, my man turned 30! I know, we are babies. We had a "Mustache Revolution" Pary for him, I am not even kidding. It was so fun. We had awards for the men that grew the best 'staches and razors for the guys who well...didn't.

In other news, my kids are growing, we are enjoying our days together learning and reading and playing. Here are some highlights:

-We had a family tie-dye night after studying Joseph and his 'coat of many colors'
-Lael is trying to walk and is getting close! She also popped her two top teeth...and I cried because her smile will never be the same...I know, cheesy.
-Jones started calling everyone "little baby" when he doesn't get his way and we have to leave the room to get out our giggles before we discipline him.
-Halle and Maia are officially ice-skating princesses, they are flying on the ice these days!
-We are reading "The Indian in the Cupboard" and I love the story, but am shocked by the way the characters talk to each other....has anyone else read this aloud?
-We are actually "up to date" on our history timeline...its pretty awesome!
-Josh is gearing up to MC an '80s night fundraiser dance for the youth in our church...haha. Can't wait! We are looking online for the dance moves to Thriller so we can really get down.
-There are tid-bits of creativity happening around here. I am painting again, thinking about some sewing projects and looking at seed catalogues (not neccisarily simoultaneously).
-Josh booked a gig in Denver and we are.....wait for it..... GOING ALONE! Its not until June, but can you even believe it!? I am thinking it might be like this last month has been, just about pure bliss.