Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Am I Really A Blogger?

This is the question I ask myself as I read the creative,lovely encounters of internet buddies on their blogs and wonder how in the world I am ever going to have the time to post a figure out how to steal my husband's computer for 2 seconds to edit said picture and then write about anything at.all. that is happening in our family. HOW in the world do you all do it? Seriously...discuss...impart your wisdom. One small piece on the way is the transfer of my blog to Squarespace. It rocks, I can't believe how easy and streamlined it is and since my husband works there I think its about time I make an official move. I'll post a link to the new url when I wiggle that way so you can find me. I think the ease of use will be a big push for me to update and write et al are such a breeze on the system...holy cow.

In an effort to show affection for friends and family on the web here are some cute albeit completely unedited pictures of life in our home.

This is my baby modeling one of my necklaces...she pretty much does this daily.

And here she is painting with watercolors...that smile melts me!

Jones enjoying a morning treat, complete with the cutest pajamas ever

And happily splashing at the waterslides (oh yes, we've passed over an entire season since my last picture posts!)

Halle and Maia with our amazing friend MacKenzie at our church's 80s Dance Fundraiser

Here is a typical school day, finishing up work while I make lunch

Halle teaching Lael how to ride a scooter this cute are these sisters!

Maia enjoying the grounds at my sister in law's wedding

And finally...SNOW up at our house in the first week of October! This round has melted, another has also come and gone...but we're ready for Winter and looking forward to skiing and playing in all that white's to a new season.


Ari and Shane said...

Thanks for the pictures of your kiddos on your blog. My how they have grown As for having the time to blog and update with pix I have to say I do it at night or at nap time. I will have to check out your new site once you have switched over.

Stacy said...

I love your blog! And I'm always excited when you have a new post up.

Blog without pictures! [Even for a season.] We still love to hear how things are going!

Write posts in a Word document or by hand- or even jot a list of thoughts/ideas- and then transfer them when you *do* have the computer in front of you.

I don't know.. that's all I've got. I keep reminding myself to take the pressure off and just blog when I can, about what's on my mind, and be okay with it not being maybe as "perfect" or "polished" as I'd like it to be.

Again- love your posts! Keep blogging! :)

Stacy said...

Oh and I can't believe I forgot to mention how much I love the pictures of your kids! SO CUTE!

Jane said...

I just found your lovely blog. I can't wait to read through it. I love the Living Grateful For. . .section in the sidebar. Would you mind if I copied your idea for my blog?

Kristen said...

Thanks guys :) Seriously just looking over those pictures and how badly they are begging for photoshop makes your comments even sweeter. And Jane, yes please copy away! I hope thinking of things you can live grateful for enriches your life like it has mine. :)

Laura said...

hi there! loved reading over your blog here. what sweet kids you have and loved your post about slowing down and charlotte mason. good encouragement for me! i will be visiting often! mandy always speaks so highly of you . . ..

love, Laura

Kristen said...

So fun to read and see what you and your lovely children have been up too!

I think you have your priorities exactly as they should be - with blogging down at the bottom of the list!

Have a great week! : )