Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Halle in her element

I've been away. I've been living and dreaming and and training my brood and attempting creativity as the inspiration arises. I have missed this place and my sweet friends here! I promise to be more faithful about updating...Blogging is just the first thing to go when life gets hectic and hectic is has been!

Not to be upstaged by her siblings birthday celebrations in previous posts, our Halle became an eight year old at the end of April. We are so proud of her! Here are some details about who this girl is to give you a little glimpse into her heart and mind...
~Each evening before bed our girl writes out a to-do list for the next day and then actually accomplishes all of it! She thrives on routine and schedules and could honestly probably run the show around here if I let her!
~She consumes books! It is not uncommon to find her reading an entire novel in an afternoon. And I'm talking quality novels like "Heidi" or "Stuart Little" or the orignial "Nancy Drew" books. It still blows me away!
~Halle is the family prankster...if you find yourself squirted with water,goo or are stuck to anything...Halle is probably cackling with glee somewhere nearby!
~She is Josh's official assistant on photo shoots, she carries her own SLR camera, is becoming proficient in using Photoshop and is developing her own style as a photographic artist. We are hoping this side career will help pay for college!
~Halle can cook! She loves baking and making stews and soups. She does this independently (which I never realized would happen at age 8!) and her creations taste awesome! Probably because unlike her mama, she always follows the recipes!
~She dreams of being a ballerina and loves her dance classes.
~Halle's favorite colors are purple and gold (and she informs me they always will be, even in heaven).
~Lastly...Halle reads this blog and is begging to start one of her own! I think I may just let her, as a way to journal her own homeschooling studies...I'll let you know so you can go visit!


Delena said...

So glad to see you're back! What a great tribute to Halle. You've got a gem on your hands...but I probably didn't need to tell you, did I?

Stacy said...

{Happy belated birthday, Halle!}

What a precious girl. I think my Ella and her would get along grandly. They could swap book recommendations. :)


kristen said...

Glad you are back!

Halle is a precious, adorable girl!