Thursday, March 26, 2009


Jones blowing out his Birthday Candles

Jones is three! We made merry by inviting friends to join us at the River Railway for some runs on the train, eating train cake and sporting some engineer hats and kerchiefs. This boy felt the full joy of his big day as we celebrated him and loved on him. My heart was soaring watching his delight.

Jones Calling out for his Buddies to hop on the Train...ALL ABOARD!

Corban, Jones and Noah Enjoy the Train Ride

Jones and Josh exploring the rails

I love your "moves" as you call them, when you dance around in circles and shake with a serious look of concentration. I love how you delight in serving others; how you light up when the girls go first or when you bring the baby a toy to enjoy with you. I love your giggle and the way you carry on and simply can not control your laughter when someone says 'poop' bring such a fun-loving tone into our home! I love that you "give knuckes" instead of high fives, that you know how to make hair bands into slingshots and that you threaten to kill the neighbors dog with your wooden sword when he barks at your sisters. I love that buying bullets for your nerf gun is your cheif concern when we are at Target and that no matter what sport you are watching you try to repeat the plays you see.
I love your curiosity and your questions..."Whatcha doing there, guys?" is heard all day long as you observe others. I am amazed at your attention span and the way you soak up great literature! Your love of school lessons in our home and the energy and attention you place on your own "work" encourages the learning culture of our home and brings a smile to my face on difficult days.
I think that the way you are learning how to be a man, by watching and following in the steps of your daddy is amazing. I love watching you model after all he does, from the pomade you put in your hair to what you dress in each the way to simply relish in cleaning the always remind me that " This is a boy thing, mom."
You are eager to help and protect and I will never get tired of hearing you say "good job, mom " when I am making dinner or folding laundry. God blessed us so richly in giving us a son and in the way he made you. There was something so rich about becoming a family of five when you were born, something so settling about the way we live life together began to emerge. I am thankful for you, son... Happy Birthday.

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Laura said...

Oh my gosh. You just have to love our little Jones. What a precious creation!